Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dangers of turning away from Marriage: On the Individual & on Society

When young men & women turn away from marriage, which Allah legislated, & when their guardian or society places obstacles in the way to prevent them from getting married, dangerous sicknesses will prevail, shaking the individual as well as the structure of the society.

The Most Dangerous of those Sicknesses
  1. The religious danger & the danger having to do with the Hereafter: The one who is submerged in fulfilling his lust & desires in a non-lawful manner becomes afflicted with total aversion to the religion; thus he becomes miserable both in this life & the next.
  2. The health danger: When members of a society turn away from marriage, venereal diseases become rampant.
  3. The psychological & mental danger: Sexual deviation that results from not marrying leads to many kinds of mental disorders.
  4. The social danger: Many dangers associated with dissolution & moral degeneracy become realities; moreover, families become destroyed, children are born to single mothers, misery becomes widespread, & family becomes no more.
  5. The economic danger: One who feels no responsibility to his wife & children squanders his wealth & is unproductive in his work.

[Credit goes to 'What Must Be Known About Islam', a comprehensive book, compiled by Muhammad bin 'Ali Al-Arfaj, translated by Darussalam, global leaders in Islamic books.]

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