Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whom Can We Trust Completely?

Mostly we believe what we see or hear.
Most of the time, we trust people, even though we know that they are human beings & are likely to make mistakes.
Some people can be trusted, while others cannot be!
Then whom can we trust completely?
We can trust Allah completely.
We should have complete faith in Allah because He deserves to be trusted. Allah knows everything & can never make a mistake.
Allah listen when we call Him. He helps us in all our difficulties.
Allah is our Creator. He knows what we need & when.
He gave us all we have. We have nothing of our own.
In several verses of the Holy Qur'an, Allah has urged us to trust Him. We should therefore trust Allah completely.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) trusted Allah the most.
Faith is one of the greatest gifts of Allah.
We should try to deepen our faith by constant prayer & study Qur'an. We should not be superstitious, should not trust in charms, witchcraft & other silly things supposed to bring good-luck.
Trust in Allah makes us brave & fearless.
[Credit goes to 'Studies in Islam' by (Maulvi) Abdul Aziz, published by Islamic Book Service.]


Altaf said...'s an important point to remember in these modern days.. ppl have forgotten to keep trust n have faith in Allah (Subhana-wata-alla) although ppl presume to be muslims.. Nice article..

Mohib Ahmad said...

You must have read it in your 3rd standard or so in the subject of Islamiyat. :)